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Gruntle lives!

And he’s still in the garden! 🙂

So I tried to make him a little house. 🙂 It’s a WIP but it’s in move-in condition. I’ve been hanging on to that pot for years, precisely for this purpose.

I found him Sunday, when I was working in the garden. I thought I killed him, because I was putting lots of salt down under where I have my pots, to keep the weeds and slugs down. All of a sudden the ground started writhing and I freaked out. Once I realized it was a toad, I rinsed him off and put him in the part of the garden with the perennials, that does not get salted. I apologized and it looks like he may have forgiven me.

It’s silly how ridiculously happy this makes me. 😀

I named him after Grunt, a character from Mass Effect 2.