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Happy Birthday Marines!


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The Thanksgiving Dinner Test

You Are Fanciful

You are a whimsical and sometimes capricious person. There’s no saying what you’ll do next.
Sometimes you’re highly traditional, and sometimes you like to shake things up. You’re just the type to serve ham instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.
Your decisions and actions are seemingly random, but there is always a method to your madness.
Your preferences and tastes are constantly shifting. However, you always have a grand plan in mind.




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Well!  I don’t know how “whimsical” I am,  but when it comes to Thanksgiving, our personal family tradition is to be untraditional.  So yes, I’ve done ham on Thanksgiving!  I’ve also done tacos, and crab, and hot dogs.  🙂

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#NanoPoblano2018 Day 10

Invest in

[So far: Always Be Cheerful. Don’t Ever Forget God. Heartily Invest in …]




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