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What Treat Should You Give Out For Halloween?

I cheated and took this quiz twice.  The first one kind of sounded like me, but there’s no way I’d hand out gummies for Halloween!  M&Ms or mini candy bars are what I’d hand out!  Snicker’s snacker, anyone?  Winking smile

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You Should Give Out Gummy Bears

You are a very sensitive soul, and you want to give a big bear hug to everyone you’re close to.
People love you because you are so soft and squishy. You are naturally cuddly.

The only downside to your personality is that you get hurt easily. It’s not hard for someone to break your spirit.
And while you can be crushed from time to time, you always bounce back. You’re extremely resilient.


You Should Give Out M&Ms
You are a colorful, fun loving person who has a bit of an addictive personality.
Once you’ve found something you love, it’s hard for you to give it up… no matter how bad it is for you.

You are both easily amused and easily bored. You need a lot of pretty shiny things to keep you occupied.
You are friendly and love to share. Of all the types, you’re the most likely to keep a candy bowl out.

3 thoughts on “What Treat Should You Give Out For Halloween?

    1. Hahahaha! Okay, this just cracked me up! Wicked and wild I can even see! I saw your Halloween costume from when you dressed up at work! But if you are giving out Butterfinger on top of that, I am SO there! 😀

      Love you, my Down Under DreamBoat! 😀 xoxox *hugs*
      Now I’m curious – do Australians call the Northern Hemisphere “up over”?

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