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Not many thumbnails again this week.  I’ve been having a much harder time getting my “morning feet” under me than I anticipated.  It’s hard going from “vampire” to “morning glory”! 

I did manage to get a shot of some soap I made a few weeks back.  I’m testing a new recipe.  So far, I’m really happy with this one.  I’ve done a “sink test” (hands only) and now have to do a shower test.  My hands felt so nice, not dried out at all.  And the lather was rich and bubbly, too.  Every soaper wants to have their own proprietary blend, and I may have found mine.  One of them anyway!

The quotes are again, courtesy of my daughter.  Where she comes up with these gems, I have no idea, but I like them!

I hope your week so far has been amazing!

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