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So.  I had such grand plans for today!  It’s the first business Monday of the month, of the year!  Back to homeschool for the kids and I.  Up early.  Get some cleaning and organizing done around the place.  Get that Christmas stuff back out to storage!

But no.  Just no.  Despite my efforts to go to bed early last night, (at which I was successful, yay!) I woke up after only a couple hours and was up for hours.  When the alarm went off, I had a screaming headache.  *sigh*  The weather’s been changing around here, which probably caused some of that, but still. 

I didn’t get to nearly half the things I wanted to today.  I suppose that’s what tomorrow’s for, right? 

I keep thinking of this quote I saw on a poster when I was little:

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

I guess for me, I need to change that Today up there to Tomorrow, heh. 

I hope your Monday’s been better!

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