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I haven’t really taken very many pictures lately.  I mean, like in the last couple of years.  Not counting the garden pictures.  My kids are in that “don’t take any pictures of me!” phase.  Not that I’m prone to posting pictures of them in the Internet.  I just … haven’t been taking pictures much.  I try to grab some shots when I make soap, but I haven’t been making soap since before the holidays, either. 

What I do have of my week so far, is one of that beautiful full moon on New Year’s Day.  It was so cold, I ran 4 steps outside, snapped a pic, and ran back in, in less time than it takes to count to 10. 

Plus, my daughter has taken to doing this thing on the whiteboard we keep on the fridge.  She and her brother, they make up these stories, and sometimes she likes to post some of her characters’ lines for us to read.  Sometimes, they really make me pause.  The universe she’s created is very interesting! 

That’s pretty much been my week.  Still trying to finish recovering from being sick.  Still trying to get back into my groove.  “Real life” begins for me in earnest on Monday, as this is the last week of my and the kid’s vacation.  Back to homeschool, back to a cleaning schedule, adding a soaping schedule, full on disciplined eating and fasting.  The works!  I saw a line in a movie recently – the movie wasn’t all that great, but there was this line, “Become Who You Are.”  I like it.  I’m actually thinking of printing it up and posting it by my desk, like one of the characters in the movie did.  It suits me right now.  I think I’ll add it to my bullet journal.  🙂

So, how’s your week been so far?

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