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The Thanksgiving Dinner Test

I AM the type to serve ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving!  We have a thing, we call it our traditional non-traditional Thanksgiving.  Every year we choose a menu and have something different.  Last year, we did fried chicken.  One year we did tacos, one year we had hot dogs.  One time we even had crab legs!  For us, it’s about the gratitude, not the turkey.  Smile  That’s our tradition.  If we were having guests however, we would go traditional, because that’s what people expect.  Unless they wanted to be a guest specifically because we’re not traditional, then we’d do our traditional non-traditional.  Open-mouthed smile

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You Are Fanciful

You are a whimsical and sometimes capricious person. There’s no saying what you’ll do next.
Sometimes you’re highly traditional, and sometimes you like to shake things up. You’re just the type to serve ham instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.

Your decisions and actions are seemingly random, but there is always a method to your madness.
Your preferences and tastes are constantly shifting. However, you always have a grand plan in mind.

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Captain America.  Everything!

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