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Are You a Trick or a Treat?

Ha!  No, no they didn’t.  If the adults noticed I was there, they definitely didn’t adore me!  lol

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You Are a Treat

As a kid, you didn’t cause too much trouble, and the adults adored you. Now that you’ve grown up, not much has changed.
You know that a little sugar is the way to get what you want in life, and you are as sweet as they come.

You like to make things better in the world, and you don’t mind following rules… no matter how silly they may seem.
You are a truly good person, and there’s very few of you in the world. Anyone who knows you is blessed!

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Daily Prompt

J 10-28

You Must Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.

Part of the trouble with this, however, is that most people seem to have a mistaken notion of what love actually is. 

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