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7 Day Photo Challenge Day 2

Phone Pics 2012 (94)

Sally, over at Hot Dogs and Marmalade, tagged me in a challenge!  This challenge is “a photography challenge that involves posting personal nature photos for seven days.”  I decided to choose one picture from each year that I’ve had a phone camera.

Thank you, Sally, for thinking of me!

As for you – consider yourself tagged if you’d like to play along!

The 2nd picture in my nature photo series is from 2012.  On this May day, a friend of mine decided that the kids and I needed to walk on some sand, so she drove up and took us to a nearby beach area.  We didn’t swim, but the kids waded a bit.  Waaaaay off in the distance in the picture, is the Chicago skyline, probably 50ish miles due South.  I liked the driftwood that was on the beach.  I thought it gave it a certain kind of character that day.

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The Deserted Beach Test

Guilty!  lolol  Except when I was a kid, they didn’t call it by the nice word “determined,” back then I was called, “Stubborn brat!”  😉
You Are Determined
You do things your way, and you always get results. You’ll work as hard and long as it takes.
You are completely fearless. You refuse to let fear control you.

You are proactive, and you try not to let anything slide. You avoid lazy thinking habits.
You always have a way when your will demands it. You don’t consider failure an option.

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