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The Beach Postcard Test

You know how some people talk about being stranded on a deserted island like it frightens them?  For me, that’s kind of a fantasy.  😀
Your Ideal Beach Vacation is Contemplative
Your idea of a day at the beach includes really getting away from it all. You want to take a break from life.
You don’t need many of the typical beach amenities. You just would like some peace and quiet.

Your dream beach getaway would be in a remote spot far away from it all. You’d love to stay at a guest house or small hotel.
Since you just need the bare minimum, there’s no reason to be near all the tourists. You can fend for yourself.

For you, the beach is where you disconnect. It’s where you get away from the modern world and all of its chaos.
More than any other type, you immerse yourself in the beach experience. No cell phones. No laptops!

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