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Gratitude in June

20. Who in your life are you grateful for?

My husbandMy kids.  My friends. 

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Text prompts courtesy of Gratitude Journal Prompts | TextMyJournal

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8 thoughts on “Gratitude in June

    1. Absolutely! Join in whenever you want! I can’t remember if the first one I posted was on the 1st of 2nd of June – I was a bit behind, myself! lol You can do it whenever you want too, if you wanted to wait for a different month. I just picked June because it had a rhyming type feel with Gratitude. 😀 And I’m a dork like that.

      ❤ *hugs*

      PS – if you want just the list of questions, I have that saved. Just let me know!

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      1. Cool! Maybe David and I can do this for July. Yes, please send me the questions. Do you have my email address? Do I link the posts to you, or is there someone else in charge of this challenge?

        Thanks! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂


        1. No, there’s no one in charge of it. I found the image on Pinterest and just thought it would be a fun thing to make into a blog series. It was designed for doing a Gratitude Journal I think. No, you don’t have to link it to me. 🙂 I did link the image I used back to where I found it from, just in case anyone wanted to use it for journaling.

          Your email is listed (privately) here in the comments, so I’ll send it to the one you’ve listed here with WP. 🙂

          *hugs* ❤

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