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Gratitude in June

19. What touch are you grateful for today?

Well it’s definitely NOT the touch of grey that’s in my hair!  Time for a touch-up! 

I’m grateful for the sense of touch.  I touch everything.  I walk around the garden center, the fabric store, any place really, and just run my hand lightly over the different textures.  I love to touch my kid’s hair, I rub their backs when I hug them.  I touch my soaps and feel if they are sticky or dry.  I touch my children’s foreheads with my lips if they think they have a fever – lips are the most sensitive to temperature changes, did you know that?  I guess I am pretty tactile.

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Monday In Bloom

06-18-2017 GW07 (55)A warm day to work outside, but not terribly so.  A tiny bit humid.  Thankfully, it was nothing unbearable.  I realized that despite all the rain we’ve had this week. the pots in the side patch got only a tiny bit of that rain and were dry as a bone and drooping in sadness and thirst.  I watered heavily and hope they perk back up.

I also sprayed the garden like a mad woman.  Well, I am a mad woman, I suppose.  Either Morticia Addams has taken a liking to pansies, or something has been making a meal out of them.  Many of the blooms are gone, just snipped off right at the tops of the stems.  So I whipped up a batch of some stuff I used last year that seemed to work pretty well, and now have my fingers crossed.

Overall, things are looking pretty good!  The sage blooms have died off and I’ll probably dead-head those this week.  There are tiny new blooms raring to go so I want to make room for them, and give them plenty of energy to bloom forth and conquer.
06-18-2017 GW07 (3)

Booyah, I remembered to get a shot of the corner patch this time.
06-18-2017 GW07 (4)

06-18-2017 GW07 (5)

The biggest garden news though – Daisies!!  Woohoo!!  Lots and lots of daisies!  Look at all those happy blooms and buds!  Isn’t it amazing?  *dreamysigh*
06-18-2017 GW07 (40)

Hello, new daisy!  Welcome!
06-18-2017 GW07 (41)

I’m pretty certain the lilies and Artemisia have made some kind of a deal to take over the garden front patch.  Rumor has it the daisies are thinking of teaming up with the sage.
06-18-2017 GW07 (6)

Look!  Baby pine cones!  Twins!
06-18-2017 GW07 (8)

As I was taking pictures, I realized that both of the colors of verbena in this pot (can you see the one peeking out in back?) perfectly match the leaves of the coleus.  This is what I call “gardendipity.”  😀
06-18-2017 GW07 (20)

Wow, check out the … the … oh crap I forgot what it’s called!  The pretty purple vine thing!  Purple heart plant?  That rings a bell.  It’s really grown a lot this week!
06-18-2017 GW07 (28)

A rainbow of snapdragons!  I lost one though.  😦  It didn’t make it so I finally took it out of the pot.  I hate empty spaces in pots like that.
06-18-2017 GW07 (32)

I love daisies.  I love yellow.  Yellow daisies make me happy.  🙂
06-18-2017 GW07 (33)

The other big garden news – the lilies are going to try to steal the show from the daisies!  There are so many budlets like this one, it’s going to be a gorgeous yellow show!
06-18-2017 GW07 (38)

And the speedwell is blooming!  Tiny lavender pink rockets!
06-18-2017 GW07 (46)

And that’s how my garden’s growing this week!  How’s yours coming along?

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2017 Garden Weekly 07

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Daily Prompt

F 06-19

Ha!  “Turns red when in the sun, embarrassed, or angry.”

Okay, seriously now … maybe, “Handle with Care.”  “Proceed with caution.”  “Touches everything.”  “Plays with Oils.”  “Look out!  Hugs ahead!”

Well hell.  Oh!  “Miss Potty Mouth!”  😉

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