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Gratitude in June

12. What texture are you grateful for?

The texture of flower petals, and the leaves of plants.  Must. Touch. Plants!

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Monday In Bloom

06-11-2017 GW06 (47)Much like last week, hot!  Plus, it’s been really windy the last few days, and my plants look like it.  They all seem to be leaning to the northwest. 

What you won’t be able to detect from the pictures is that we’ve had a bit of maintenance work done around here.  Since we’re under new ownership as of a few months ago, they’ve taken to making some changes around the place.  This past week they made a bunch of concrete repairs to the sidewalks, and they painted.  I was kind of excited about that part, and looking forward to a bit of a color update.  But no.  Oh they painted.  I had to move everything off my patio and leave it on the grass for nearly a week, but they simply painted everything the same color!  A tiny bummer.  At least everything looks well-kept now, so that’s good.  The painted areas were flaking and peeling really bad so it is nice to get that taken care of. 

As you can see, the sage is done with those amazing purple, spiky blooms now.  It was really a show stopper!  Even my husband liked seeing it.  🙂
06-11-2017 GW06 (3)

I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture of the corner patch!

The side patch is starting to take off now, though.  I have three snapdragons that are dying, but everything else here is responding really well.  It’s been about a month so I think it’s safe to say that things have settled in.  06-11-2017 GW06 (5)

I feel like I got lucky in deciding to arrange these stands like this.  Those verbena are really shining here!  And they look so nice combined with the sweet allysum! 
 06-11-2017 GW06 (8)06-11-2017 GW06 (13)06-11-2017 GW06 (17)

Pansies!  Yay!  One of my favorite flowers!  One of my other pansy pots is still really struggling though, but at least these, and one other, are blooming really nice now.
06-11-2017 GW06 (10)06-11-2017 GW06 (15)

Be still my heart!  These 2 pots, they just rock my garden world, lol.  😀
06-11-2017 GW06 (22)06-11-2017 GW06 (28)

Snapdragons!  Lots of colorful snapdragons!  They’re kind of like little potted rainbows.  😀
06-11-2017 GW06 (7)06-11-2017 GW06 (24)06-11-2017 GW06 (26)

Even the hanging baskets seem to be thriving!
06-11-2017 GW06 (29)06-11-2017 GW06 (30)

Daisies!  Dozens and dozens of daisy buds!  They are set to start blooming any day now!  Oooh, I can’t wait! 
06-11-2017 GW06 (35)

The speedwell is getting its blooms going now, too!  You can seem them just starting to peek out.
06-11-2017 GW06 (40)

And the garden baby – look, little tiny buds!  How cute.  🙂 
06-11-2017 GW06 (45)

That’s how my garden’s growing!  How’s yours coming along?

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2017 Garden Weekly 06


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