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Monday In Bloom

It was a beautiful day Sunday, when I went out to putz a little in my garden patches.  Mid 70sF, sunny, low humidity.  Days like that are rare around here.

Things seem to be going really well so far, with the exception of one pot of pansies.  Oddly, I’m pretty sure it’s the same pot I had trouble with last year, so I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the soil in the pot.  It’s the pot the resident chipmunk seems to prefer, and so far he’s run off with one of the sticky traps I put there for him.  Next time, I’m going hardcore.  I have traditional mousetraps.  I didn’t want to have to resort to that, but … there is it.

05-28-2017 GW04 (3)

05-28-2017 GW04 (4)

The rest of the pansies seem to be doing okay.  I’ve gotten some nice color from them so far.
05-28-2017 GW04 (12)05-28-2017 GW04 (15)05-28-2017 GW04 (21)

I’m hoping the coleus is going to be gangbusters this year, like last.  They were so amazing!
05-28-2017 GW04 (17)

I’m sure I overdid it in my urn pot.  I couldn’t seem to help myself.  I kept saying, “Just one more plant in here, it’s a deep pot, it’ll look nice!”  I’ll just have to see how it goes and keep my fingers crossed that nothing has to be taken out due to over-crowding.
05-28-2017 GW04 (20)

I love the happy yellow!  The osteospermum are so cheery looking.
05-28-2017 GW04 (27)

There will be lilies!  The bushes are so huge and I’m hoping for an abundance of flowers.   Last year they lasted for weeks.  I also managed to get rid of the gigantic spiky weed that was growing under this one.  Whew!
05-28-2017 GW04 (35)

One of the two new additions this year – this is a pincushion.  It seems to be hanging in there pretty well and even has some new blooms on it.
05-28-2017 GW04 (39)

My other new baby – a white lavender.  I needed just one more plant to fill in a blank space so I ordered this one from Amazon.  I just got it planted Sunday.
05-28-2017 GW04 (43)

The sage has been my current show-stopper I think. Those blossoms have really come out to play this week!
05-28-2017 GW04 (44)

Blue skies, a slight breeze, all in all, a lovely day!
05-28-2017 GW04 (51)

That’s how my garden’s been growing.  How’s yours coming along?

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2017 Garden Weekly 04 | Flickr

2017 Garden Weekly 04//

5 thoughts on “Monday In Bloom

    1. They really do! That’s part of why I love to document it. 🙂 Those lilies, last year, man! They were so amazing! I couldn’t believe how they just kept blooming and blooming! I can’t wait for the show this year. 😀

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