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Monday In Bloom 2017

The gardening season is back!  Woohoo!!  It is officially Week 0, lol, as I have picked up the plants I’m going to put into my little garden this year.  I have plans to expand a little, too, so we’ll see how that turns out.

With the exception of the April A-Z Challenge, I haven’t been blogging much.  To be honest, I feel too guilty to blog when I don’t have equal time to devote to reading other blogs.  Blogging is about the community, is it not?, and I don’t feel right hoping for people to read my posts when I can’t reciprocate.  Even though the kids and I were off from school in March, I spent a good portion of that time trying to re-do some household things.  I really want to get a soaping business off the ground, so I took over the kids’ old toy shelf for soaping supplies.  (mean mom! lol)  That meant going through their old toys and getting rid of things they didn’t play with anymore, moving the stuff they’re keeping to the new shelf I got them for their room, moving many of the soaping supplies I had in the laundry closet to the new shelf, and trying to reorganize the whole kit-and-kaboodle.  I still have a few things to tweak, covering boxes and labeling containers, but I think I am mostly there.

The next couple of weeks though – plants!  It’s been raining for days so the ground is super slushy, which should make digging in it nice and easy on these old knees.  🙂

Phone Pics 2017 D APR  (16)

See all the pretty darlings I got for this year?  I can’t wait to get them into their new pot homes!

Phone Pics 2017 D APR  (14)

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6 thoughts on “Monday In Bloom 2017

        1. it’s definitely a commitment! You’ll know if you’re ready. 🙂 I just wish I had a hose, lol. 😀

          Not everyone is a gardener, which is just fine. That just means there are people who like to just look, which is totally pleasing to people who like to dig in the dirt. 😉

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