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What Does Your Favorite Easter Candy Say About You?

Savor it, savor it all!  You only get one chance here!

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You Are Indulgent
You don’t hold back when it comes to treating yourself, and you’re the type of person who knows exactly what you like.
You may be particular, but you’re only picky about quality. You tend to think luxury brands are overpriced and overrated.

You love to kick back and enjoy life. You clear your schedule and really dig in to whatever relaxation time you have.
You refuse to worry or to be rushed. You savor everything you have, and you don’t believe in ‘fast’ anything.

9 thoughts on “What Does Your Favorite Easter Candy Say About You?

  1. I’m too old and slow for fast anything even if I wanted it that way. haha I did the quiz, too, and it said “Creative”. I also did the brain gender one (but didn’t post it). It said I have a female brain and that David has a totally boy brain, so, we’re good. 🙂

    Indulgent is good. 🙂 Relaxed is great!

    Happy Easter, Vanessa.

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    1. Fast anything is too fast for me, too, lol. Rushed things are never as good.

      I don’t remember the brain gender quiz you mentioned. It’s good you got results you like though! 😀

      Happy Easter to you too!

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      1. David wasn’t too thrilled with his results. haha Although it said “totally boy brain”, it said 33 % female. He said, nope. He agrees with Coach Fox on the series Coach…at least the high 90s male. 🙂
        Thank you. It was a nice, quiet Easter. I hope yours was great, too.

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  2. Hahaha! They didn’t offer my favorite Easter candy, but my second favorite — a chocolate bunny — says, “I’m sweet.” I can only aspire to this lever of sweetness:

    “You are a kind and compassionate person. You prioritize your family and friends.
    You are naturally selfless and sharing. In fact, you tend to like a treat better if you can share it with someone.

    “You are optimistic and hopeful. You wake up each day excited for life and a fresh start.
    No matter what happens, you consider yourself blessed. As long as you have people in the world to love, you’re good.”


    1. Well, with these kinds of quizzes, we have to go with “close” because “exactly” seems to be a rarity. Sometimes I feel like an oddball because none of the choices are what I would make if I could fill in the blanks.

      You do seem sweet though, what I’ve seen of you! 🙂 And you write about snails – what’s not sweet about that? 🙂

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