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What’s Your Irish First Name?

Well now that’s interesting.  I mean, usually this little quizzes are so off the mark for me, but this one seems to be closer to the truth of how I think of myself.  I AM a homebody, and the first thing I seem to do when people visit is try to feed them, lol.

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Your Irish First Name is Nollaig
Compared to most people, you are a bit of a homebody. You are find relief and seek refuge at home.
You like going out and having a good time, but your home is special to you. You’ve spent a lot of time making it just right.

You value the creature comforts of your home, and you love to share them with others – whether you’re baking, crafting, or entertaining.
Your friends know that they can always find a home away from home in visiting you. You nurture others and yourself well.

Nollaig, which means Christmas or ‘born at Christmastime’ fits you well – even if you weren’t born during the holidays.
You embody the holiday spirit year round, regardless of what you celebrate. You find lots of meaning in life.