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No Snow Chicago


for the first time in 146 years — Chicago is going through a snow drought with not a flake at all in the months of January and February

It’s especially notable in a city known for its brutal winters.

Chicago averages over 40 inches of snow per winter […]

So the last two months […] temperatures hitting spring-like highs — without a lick of snow.

No Snow Chicago: Windy City Having Non-White Winter for First Time in Nearly 150 Years – NBC News

Remember when, a couple months ago, I told the Arctic it could go home?  I guess it listened!  lol  The last 2 or 3 years we’ve had particularly cold and snowy Winters, so this year, except for December, has been a MUCH welcome relief!

In other news, Hello March!

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10 thoughts on “No Snow Chicago

  1. What a very strange climate we’re living in at the moment. Seems that weather patterns all over the world are out of kilter. It really did listen to you didn’t it? 😏 Hope you’re well dear Ness and your March has got off to a happy start. Big hugs to you xo ❤️

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    1. You’re not kidding about out of kilter weather! We didn’t have any snow in Jan or Feb, but come March 1st and guess what?! Sheesh! We got dumped on – I suppose to make up for the kind Jan and Feb we had. No good weather deed goes unpunished in Chicagoland! lol

      *Hugs* back to you my sweet friend! ❤

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      1. Crazy isn’t it. The top north end of our lovely isle is currently being bartered by floods and cyclonic winds but fortunately down here we’re safe. Though the weather is still fickle. Hope you’re heading into a happy weekend dear Ness. Big hugs xo

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        1. It really is crazy – I never know what to expect weather-wise anymore!

          Glad you are safe! I see weather reports for your city and I worry sometimes. Always keep you in prayer.

          Big *hugs* back! ❤

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    1. There is a saying around here that I learned when I first moved here – if you don’t like the weather in Chicago, just give it a few minutes, it’ll change! Oh boy they weren’t kidding! The weather here is nothing if not crazy! 🙂

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