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What Type of Valentine Are You?

Silly?  No, I don’t think silly.  Fun, perhaps.  It’s an opportunity to show the one you love that you love them.  That being said, I do think you should do that every day in some way, not just Valentine’s Day.  You know, if you want your relationship to actually last longer than Valentine’s Day.  😉

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You Are a Practical Valentine
To be honest, you think Valentine’s Day is a pretty silly holiday. You don’t need anything at all.
And if you’re going to get a gift, it might as well be practical. At least you could use a gift card to buy what you want.

What you really would like for Valentine’s Day is a relationship where you’re good to each other every day of the year.
That means more to you than eating your weight in chocolate or getting flowers that just die in a few days.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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