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What Herb Are You?

Edgy and dynamic life!  ROFLMAO!  Oh, no, nonono!  Just a wife and homeschool mom who makes soap and pretty much keeps to herself except for the occasional blog post.  Pretty much the opposite of edgy and dynamic!  😀

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You Are Mint
You are a honest person with a strong personality. Your frank point of view is refreshing.
You’ve been quite lucky in your life, though you have made more of your own luck than you realize.

You are engaging and disarming. You definitely have the “gift of gab!”
You live an edgy, dynamic life. Sometimes you get a little burned, but you always bounce back.

8 thoughts on “What Herb Are You?

  1. Apparently I’m basil which is ironic as I’ve been growing and using a lot of it lately. But the description of it being calm and soothing is kind of fitting.
    Love these quizzes Ness. xo hugs


    1. I think the soothing and calm could suit you! Especially if you think of it in terms of something you’re seeking, right? 🙂

      I’m so glad you like the little quizzes! I get such a giggle out of them, too. 😀

      *hugs* ❤

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