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Word of the Week

I should have done this yesterday, on Wednesday.  I have an odd fixation with alliteration. 

I tried doing a Word of the Week thing a couple years ago, and failed miserably.  My aim was to use the theme as a kind of filler for when I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about.  Yeah, that’s an exercise in futility.  Without a plan or schedule, I won’t get it done.  I think I’ve learned that about myself.  So, my plan – a Word of the Week on Wednesdays, regardless of any other posts I may or may not have going on.  There, I said it, now it’s official.

I came across this word, Abide, as I was reading through my devotionals this morning.  I have a whole list of devotionals that I meant to complete last year.  Okay!  The year before.  *sigh*  (If anyone else is on , you can follow me there, too – my screenname is SpiritualNessa.)  Anyway, the word Abide was in one of the readings and for some reason it just jumped out at me.  It’s not like I’m unfamiliar with the word or its meaning, but today it stood out, so I figured I’d focus on it.   

Abide | Define Abide at


It’s a good word, I think.  Of course, since I was reading it in a devotional, it’s application there was in relation to Christ, as in Abide in Him, but it’s not a word that’s exclusive to the realm of spiritual things.  I like the commitment aspect of it.  There’s a solidness to it that appeals to me.  A sort of digging-in-your-heels feel to it. 

I think I need to figure out how to use this word more in conversation, and I also need to figure out how to actually apply it!

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