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NanoPoblano Day #28

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Back to the grind today. 

Would you like a free trial to a Pro desktop email client?

You may remember all the email trouble I’ve had in recent months.  Okay, you don’t, I honestly didn’t expect you to.  🙂  It just sounded like a good beginning.  Anyway, I used Live Mail for my desktop email client, and earlier in the year they ceased support for Outlook mail.  Both Windows products, go figure.  So I started using Outlook, but Outlook has a much more limited capacity for email accounts you can add, so I split my email accounts between the two programs.  And Outlook’s desktop client proceed to give me headache after headache and I ended up having to create multiple profiles because one would stop working, which meant I had to start all over again.  Turned out Outlook was doing some upgrading but neglected to mention it until afterward. 

Then Google decided to cause further headaches by deciding that they didn’t like that I had email accounts unconnected to a phone number so they suspended all my Gmail accounts, of course not knowing they were all MY Gmail accounts.  So I had to figure out how to work through that one, took me a month to do it and I did end up letting a couple accounts go that I wasn’t really using.

I’ve been kind of testing a program called Mailbird for a while now as a result of the headbanging aggravations that Outlook and Live Mail have caused me, and today I took the leap and got a lifetime license.  They were having this great Cyber Monday sale and you know me.  Sale.  Yeah.

But, as a token of appreciation, they gave me a free 3 mos Pro license to give to a friend.  Now, their free version will manage up to 3 email accounts, so if you have 3 or less, it’s not really worth it to get the Pro version.  But if you have 4 or more email accounts, are you interested in a free 3 mos trial of the Pro Mailbird?  This little program is really growing on me.  I love the apps section, where you can check all kinds of things like your Google Calendar, and Facebook, all within the program and not have to open separate windows or tabs for those things.  It’s a pretty good all in one kind of thing.  So, if you’re interested in a free trial, lemme know and I’ll send you the license key.   

So, how was your Monday?


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