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NanoPoblano Day #16

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Halfway through this week’s fasting goal, yay! 

Finally got some concentrated liquid soaping colors diluted down to proper strength and stored, yay!

Got some laundry done, yay!  And folded!  Double yay!  lol  Got all my husband’s work clothes ironed for the rest of the week!  I am smokin’ now, baby! 

I have a friend coming over this week so naturally I feel that push to get some cleaning and straightening done.  Tomorrow dusting.  Ugh.  I hate dusting.  And vacuuming. 

My daughter has decided that she wants her hair cut on the next family haircut night.  This makes me sad.  Baby’s First Haircut  She had beautiful “princess hair” as my friend Spark called it.  It’s been a couple years since the last time I cut it, she’s been letting it grow back out.  It’s not as long as it was before, but she’s decided she wants it really short this time.  *sadsigh* 

The Thanksgiving menu has been decided and we’re going to have – wait for it – fried chicken! 

Now, I need to shred some soap bars that just didn’t turn out like I was hoping.  Rebatch!

How’s your day been so far?


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2 thoughts on “NanoPoblano Day #16

  1. It sounds like you’re on a very good roll up there in the Windy City.
    In answer to your question, “How’s your day been so far?” It has been one of those, “I wish I had never been born” days. I wish I could go into details, but my lips/fingers have effectively been duct-taped (legally).
    When you “rebatch” your soap, what all is involved with that? Just melting and reshaping it? Or is it something further?
    Aww I’m sorry that your girl wants to have her hair cut. Our oldest daughter has never had a hair cut. She’s trimmed split ends, but never had a hair cut. Our youngest daughter had hers cut to shoulder length, which was hard for me to process. Their hair is beautiful no matter the length, but I just love it long. Maybe your daughter will change her mind. 🙂
    Congrats on the fasting goal and have a wonderful time with your friend’s visit. 🙂
    Have a blessed day.


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