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NanoPoblano Day #13

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Today is the day before!  The day before my son’s birthday, that is.  Which means tonight is cake baking night, and cake decorating night, and present wrapping night.  It means my husband will be home from work tomorrow, because he always takes the family birthdays off. 

Today, my husband noticed that our son was finally taller than him.  He cheered.  Woohoo!  Grow, beautiful boy!  Get to six feet tall!  Then he wept.  Remember when he was yea-high and toddling around the table?

It’s a strange feeling sometimes, when you look at your kids.  You don’t just see the person they are now.  You do, of course you do, but you also see all the years that came before as the memories swirl in your head.  And you also see the person they will grow into, as all the hopes for their future swirl around in your heart. 

I have long believed that the term bittersweet was invented by parents.  You grieve the loss of your children’s baby years, as you also rejoice in the people they have (and will!) become.  You hold on, and you let go, all at the same time. 

And today is the day before.  Because 15 years ago, this was the day before our son was born, adding his special joy into the mix.

Yes, babies change everything.  Especially parents!  🙂


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