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NanoPoblano Day #11

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Just in time for Shabbat!  Well, better today, so yay for that.  I only have what we call a Shadow Headache.  You know, that kind of ghosty after-effect, where your body part feels tender after it’s been hurt, even though it’s not really hurting anymore.  You stub your toe and the next day it’s tender, but not painful.  Like that.  Shadow Headache.  Or, Echo of Headache.  So, much improved.  Whew!

It’s Shabbat!  Woohoo!

Now, you might be wondering why this Gentile girl loves a Jewish day so much.  First off, I guess I’m closer to Messianic than anything else (besides Dispensationalist but that’s another post for another blog!) and while I technically can’t really be Messianic because I’m not Jewish, I do recognize the Messiah and worship Him.  So, sort of a Messianic Gentile, if there were such a thing.   🙂

Shabbat is awesome!  It’s a day to set aside everything else in your life and just relax, rest, worship and praise, chill!  It means wine, good food, enjoying life.  It’s joy!  Who doesn’t want some joy in their life?  And Shabbat comes once a week!  It’s a time out for joy.  Yeah, like that!

This video might give you an idea why I find myself lighting candles, drinking wine, and making Challah.  Maybe you’ll decide you want to join the party too!  🙂

Now, back to my regularly schedule housework *groan* that I’m so far behind on thanks to nearly a week of headache.  I hope you have an awesome Friday!


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4 thoughts on “NanoPoblano Day #11

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve had a headache all week. I hope that your shadow headache is gone soon! Headaches just seem to mess with everything, don’t they? I hope that you enjoy the Shabbat. 🙂 Wouldn’t a Messianic Gentile be a Christian?
    Have a blessed weekend!


    1. Thank you, dear Suzanne!

      Yes, headaches do mess with everything. I’ve watched my husband suffer for years, poor man.

      Well, a Messianic Gentile wouldn’t exactly be the same as a Christian, because generally, Christianity has kind of distanced itself from the Jewishness of Christ. Many even take a stance that all the promises made to Israel in Scripture have somehow been transferred to the Church, when that is no where in the Bible. (replacement theology) Christians don’t tend to celebrate any of the Jewish Feasts, for instance, or recognize that the Sabbath isn’t really on Sunday, it’s from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Not that worship on Sunday is a bad thing! Not at all! It’s just not the Sabbath. 🙂

      I suppose I would define a Messianic Gentile as someone who tries to marry Jewishness with Christianity. Like Jews for Jesus, kind of. 😀 Does that help? 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome, my friend. I am so sorry that your husband suffers from headaches, too.

        Yes, that helps. Thank you for explaining it to me. We did not grow up learning about the feasts really. I didn’t know that we were supposed to be celebrating them at all (since we aren’t Jewish) until we got online and I met a lady that did practice the feast days. We haven’t started doing them, but I don’t really know what they all are or what to do to be inline with them.
        I knew the part about the Sabbath being from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. And I know that there are (or used to be) Sabbath elevators and limits on how many steps could be walked on the Sabbath and a host of other rules for the Sabbath that I can’t remember.
        Thank you again for explaining it to me. 🙂


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