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NanoPoblano Day #4

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I did it!  I made it to four!

So, you’re probably wondering what it is that I’ve accomplished.

I’ve been fasting!  I’ve proven to myself that I can do this thing.  I won’t die after a couple days.  Seriously, I grew up with a woman who grew up in the Depression, and starving was a real thing.  She was kind of a prepper before prepping was a thing, and I remember growing up with cans of food stored in closets in the event of a catastrophe.  It left an impression.  I think my fear of starving is only second to my fear of spiders.  I never fasted in my life until we attended a Messianic church and I decided to do the fast for Yom Kippur, in honor of people I was praying for.  And I still do the Yom Kippur fast, even though we haven’t been to that church in a while.  The Yom Kippur fast is for spiritual reasons, for me, but this other fasting, that’s for more health reasons.  I confess I’m not as skinny as I used to be, and I want to do something about that.  All the things I’ve learned in the last few years about health and diet and weight and all the things that go along with those, led me to a book called The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung.  Next on my list will be Dr Fung’s follow up book called The Complete Guide to Fasting.  Game changing, I tell you.  Life changing.  You should see some of the comments!

And now I know I can do it.  My goal is five days a week, which I was going to go for next week, but I’m thinking I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving for that.  Today, my stomach has been kind of growly so I’m thinking I need to stick to four and let my body adjust to this new normal.

But can I just say, that first glass of Shabbat wine after a four day fast is going to feel pretty nice.  Winking smile

No, no drunk posting for me!  That’s why I’m trying to get this written up early, lol.  Trust me, nobody wants to see that!

I’m also working on a new recipe for soap.  I’m practicing with the shaving bar recipe I’m going to make for my friend.  So much fun!

Have an awesome Friday night!  It’s the weekend!  It’s Shabbat!  Yay!

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5 thoughts on “NanoPoblano Day #4

  1. What do you mean by fasting? I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of fasting, such as only water, to only not having rice. Are you eating one meal a day? Or no meals? I actually fast for one meal a day for 54 straight days, about twice a year, but still I feel scared when I hear other people talk about it. In the ashram here, the normal fast is eating one meal after 6pm, which we do once a week.


    1. Hi Sreejit! I’ve done the 1 meal a day thing before. I think I did that for about a year. I call that Intermittent Fasting.

      By fasting, what I mean is, I’m trying to follow the protocols from the book I mentioned. I’m sticking to as much water as I want, unsweetened coffee and tea, and homemade bone broth, along with a supplement to make sure I don’t lose any nutrients.

      No need to fear! I do believe that most people would not deliberately starve themselves to death, unless they have a disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa. The survival instinct is pretty strong in most people. 🙂

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