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September 19-Somethin’ Challenge Day 30

September 19-Somethin’ Challenge | McClendon Villa19-Somethin_Sidebar_Button

This challenge is prompted by the song 19-Somethin’ by Mark Wills. You can hear the song here:  
The following questions are taken from the various lines in the song.  There are also a few random questions thrown into the mix to make it a post a day for the month – 30 posts.

30. Reflection Post: What did you think of this challenge? OR A Random Thought Post

I thought this was an absolutely awesome challenge!  I am not good at asking people questions.  Not because I’m not curious, but because I never know what to ask.  These were great questions, and fun ones to answer.  Great work, McClendon Villa!

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5 thoughts on “September 19-Somethin’ Challenge Day 30

  1. Thank you! What a sweet thing to say. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I have appreciated your participation in our 19-Somethin’ challenge and have enjoyed reading your responses.

    I plan to do this again next year with a different song (not yet chosen), so please stay tuned to McClendon Villa for updates on that.

    Have a blessed weekend and thank you again for your participation and such a kind response to this last question. 🙂

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