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September 19-Somethin’ Challenge Day 9

September 19-Somethin’ Challenge | McClendon Villa19-Somethin_Sidebar_Button

This challenge is prompted by the song 19-Somethin’ by Mark Wills. You can hear the song here:  
The following questions are taken from the various lines in the song.  There are also a few random questions thrown into the mix to make it a post a day for the month – 30 posts.


9. What was your favorite celebrity hairstyle when you were a teenager? Did you imitate their hairstyle?

There was Cher, and then there was Farrah.  Heck yes, I imitated Farrah!  I’d probably still be imitating Farrah if I was willing to cut my hair anymore, so I guess I’m now imitating Cher, lol. 

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5 thoughts on “September 19-Somethin’ Challenge Day 9

  1. Cher has been an interesting one to watch over the years, that’s for sure. I think almost all of us said something about Farrah. I wonder what she thought about many of the the girls in America wanting to copy her hairstyle?

    I finally decided that my hair is going to do what my hair wants to do, regardless of my thoughts on the matter, so I just wear a ponytail all the time now. There’s just no fighting natural curls. 🙂

    Thanks for participating in the challenge. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Yes, Farrah sure was an icon! It’s so hard to believe she’s really gone.

      LOL, yes, hair certainly seems to have a mind of its own, especially curly hair! My daughter had pretty curly hair until she cut it, and boy, brushing that out could be a real time-consumer!

      You have a great weekend, too!

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      1. Yes, it is. She wasn’t very old either, in the scheme of things, only 62 years old when she died.
        My youngest daughter has hair a lot like mine was when I was younger. Our older daughter has some curl to her hair, too, but not as much as I did. My daddy always said it was so curly when I was little that you couldn’t tell which end was attached to my head and which was the free end. haha Yes, brushing it out could be very time consuming!
        Thanks. 🙂

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