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Monday In Bloom

Not a terribly hot day, but once I came back inside, I felt overly warm.  Weird.  I was glad to finally be able to get out there and get some deadheading done though!  It’s been kind of hot this week and I haven’t had much opportunity.  We have some really hot days coming up again this week, too.  The kids are on vacation though, so yay! 
ACCU 2016-09-04 Phone

Things sure feel quiet in this spot.  Now that the lilies are pretty much done and the daisies are long over, it’s just pretty much green.  I cut back the pansies quite a bit so hopefully that will bring on some massive end-of-season blooms.  *fingerscrossed*
09-04-2016 GW18 (6)

Things are pretty colorful and lush over here, though! 
09-04-2016 GW18 (4)

09-04-2016 GW18 (10)09-04-2016 GW18 (9)

09-04-2016 GW18 (11)

09-04-2016 GW18 (13)09-04-2016 GW18 (12)

After I took this picture of my urn pot …
09-04-2016 GW18 (15)

I decided it looked funny.  Can you even tell there are more plants in the back of it?  So I rotated it.  Now the larger plants are in the back and those Dusty Miller and Sweet Alyssum can get a bit more sun. 
09-04-2016 GW18 (17)

Yes, I got more blue pots.  Because … blue pots! 

I consolidated all the burgundy pansies into one pot, because …
09-04-2016 GW18 (18)

New addition!  Burgundy mums!  Should be pretty for Autumn. 
09-04-2016 GW18 (19)

Along with the burgundy mums, I picked up these creamy vanilla ones.  The last surviving pansy that was in this pot finally gave it up, so I had a naked pot.  With Autumn around the corner, mums seemed like an obvious choice. 
09-04-2016 GW18 (27)

And look what was hiding in my lilies!  Even more buds!
09-04-2016 GW18 (30)09-04-2016 GW18 (31)

Just look at that color!  Isn’t it dreamy?  *happysigh*  I love yellow. 
09-04-2016 GW18 (37)

The vernoica seems nice and bushy. 
09-04-2016 GW18 (40)09-04-2016 GW18 (41)

So does the lavender and sage.  Please please please survive Winter!
09-04-2016 GW18 (43)09-04-2016 GW18 (44)

I put something in our storage over the weekend, and was hit with a case of garden envy on the walk over.  I didn’t have my camera on me at the time, so I snuck this one in with my zoom when I was taking my garden pictures.  They’ve tricked out their whole little plot, along the entire walkway and around their whole patio area.  They even put in some stepping stones!  And they have really nice solar lights, too!  And they put little trees up along their side patch on either side of their window.  *envioussigh*  I could tell they only recently did this as there were telltale mulch droppings on the sidewalk.  I feel so inadequate now!  I see I have my Spring work cut out for me! 
09-04-2016 GW18 (45)

And that’s how my garden’s growing!  How’s yours doing?  Have you started any kind of Autumn stuff?

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