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Monday In Bloom

What a gorgeous day it was Sunday!  I was able to finally get out there and get a bit of work done in the garden, yay!  Got a lot of deadheading done, got some weeds pulled, maintenance things that are necessary if you want your garden to look halfway decent.  Thankfully the humidity was on the lower end of the scale so it didn’t get too uncomfortable working unless you were out there for a long time. 

ACCU 2016-08-21 Phone

With the daisies and lilies coming to a close, some of the other plants are getting their chance to shine.  The Artemisia are just thriving, and now the sage is blooming, and the speedwell is really getting nice and bushy, too.
  08-21-2016 GW16 (3)

Now that’s what I’m talking about!  I think the bit of a cool down we’ve had in the last couple of days have really allowed the plants to thrive.
08-21-2016 GW16 (5)

08-21-2016 GW16 (10)

08-21-2016 GW16 (11)

It just feels like things have finally come into their own this year.  It’s late in the season, to be sure, but as the saying goes, better late than never. 
08-21-2016 GW16 (21)

08-21-2016 GW16 (22)

08-21-2016 GW16 (23)

I feel so relieved.  Things were going so slowly, and with all the pansy loss, I was really concerned that something was wrong.  And there was.  Crazy Chicagoland weather! 
08-21-2016 GW16 (27)

08-21-2016 GW16 (29)08-21-2016 GW16 (36)

08-21-2016 GW16 (34)

Only a couple of buds left on one of the lilies. 
08-21-2016 GW16 (38)

The promise to be a great ending to a great show.
08-21-2016 GW16 (39)

That’s how my garden’s growing with just a month left until the Autumnal Equinox.  How’s yours doing?

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    1. Oh my goodness, the electricity bill! Yes, it’s bad. We like it low, and since the kids and I are here 24/7, our A/C never has “down time.” The utility co. adores us. *sigh*


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