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What Length Hair Should You Have?

LOLOL!  My hair really is super long!  Well, to other people.  To me it always feels like it’s not quite long enough.

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You Should Have Super Long Hair
You are free spirited and carefree. You are a total wild child, and no one is going to tame you!
Your hair tells people that you’re an individual who doesn’t care what other people think. You and your hair break all the rules.

You are a mysterious type who has many secrets. You prefer to keep to yourself.
There’s a lot hiding behind that hair. Very few people truly understand what you are all about.

I took this 3 years ago.  Thought it was 2.  Guess I need to update, lol.
Phone Pics 2013 (835)

6 thoughts on “What Length Hair Should You Have?

  1. Is your hair even longer now than it was when the picture was taken? I tend to hate having a hot neck, so I keep my hair off my shoulders. But, when it’s longer I can pull it back into a ponytail.


    1. It is, a few inches at least. I can’t stand in that spot in the bathroom and get all my hair in the picture anymore.

      I don’t like a hot neck either, but I hate the way having short hair makes me feel. Must be some childhood trauma, lol. I just clip it up when it gets too hot or when I’m cooking. 🙂

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  2. WoW !! My eyes are literally popping out 😀 How do you manage it ? I am not sure if you have heard this but back in India actually women are considered to be more “desirable” and “homely” if they have long hair. And the family does not want them to cut hair even if the girls want to. (unless they are married because in “arranged” marriage mostly the groom and family prefers ladies with long hair.Bah) And partly because of this and partly because I liked, I had long hair, till my hips and it was SO SO hard to maintain. I had to wait quite long before I could make it to my shoulder length 😛

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    1. You know, as much as I love long hair, I do think it must be kind of hard on the girls when they feel like they can’t cut it in India because of cultural and family pressures like that. Still though, it is beautiful. 🙂

      I don’t really *do* anything to maintain mine. I just wash it, and then brush it when it’s dry. I’ve been using the homemade soap on it but I might change that up soon. In a weird way, this makes it easier to me, having it long, because there’s no style I have to maintain or anything, you know? I used to have it cut to shoulder length years ago in my teens and early 20s, and goodness, there were curling irons and blow dryers and mousses and special brushes, lol, so much work to maintain the “look.” This is easy by comparison. 🙂


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