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My husband found this low carb, gluten-free, sugar-free thing, so I made it for him.  Tasty good, he loves it.  I’m not a huge berry fan, so he gets the whole thing to himself.  He’d eat it all in one sitting if he could, too, he loves it that much.
Phone Pics 2016 G JUL (104)

I made soap earlier this month!

And more soap …

And yet more soap!  I was on a mission to experiment with an idea I had.  It was a busy soaping day, I’ll say that!  And now that it’s all cured, I’ve been playing with it, and oh what fun!  I hope to do some posts on that soon, too.

Sometimes, the sky around here is really beautiful.

Saturn, Mars, and Antares made a piece of pie!  Moon ate it all up.

I went to check if my plants needed watering, and saw this under the patio table.  *horrified*  I don’t know what it is, but it’s huge!  It looks like some kind of ginormous flying ant, or wasp or something.  I half expect it to rise from the dead like some kind of zombie bug.  *shudder*

This cloud was so bright it was casting shadows from the north.  It caught the sunset’s rays so magnificently, and was this amazing golden and rose color.  My daughter and I stood there for like half an hour, just watching it flow and shimmer. 

I happened to catch the moonrise through my bedroom window, while I was sitting at my desk in the “office.”

Snapshots from my last few weeks.  Well … not my last weeks, I hope!  I’d like to believe I have more weeks ahead!  I guess I should more correctly say my recent weeks, or my past weeks, huh?

How’s things by you?

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