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Tech Tuesday

Those of you who’ve been around WordPress for a while might remember back in the day, in the Dashboard—>>Tools—>>Available Tools menu, they had a bookmarklet called “Link This,” next to the “Press This” button.

What was so awesome about that bookmarklet was that you could drop it in your browser, and whenever you found a blog you liked, you could just click that bookmarklet and up would pop a menu to add that blog to your blogroll.  No pain in the butt copying and pasting, switching back and forth between tabs or windows, just click a couple of buttons and voila!  Blogrolled!  Really, a huge part of blogging is connecting, so I have no clue why WordPress would get rid of such a handy dandy tool.

They got rid of it oh, say 3-5 years ago, or thereabouts.

I really liked that bookmarklet because it was so handy to link to other blogs.

So I copied the code.

And you know what?  It still works.  Plus, I can personally vouch that it works in IE, FireFox, and Chrome.  Probably not Microsoft Edge though because last I looked, it was next to impossible to get a bookmarklet into that thing.  There are ways, but with many hoops to jump through – unless M-Edge has changed things with recent updates, I haven’t checked in a few weeks.  You would probably have to add it to the basic bookmarks dropdown list, which would really only be 1-2 more clicks than a bookmarklet so still pretty easy.  This code also still works with every WP blog I have, however, I cannot say whether or not it works for WP blogs that don’t have the after the name.  If you have your own domain, by all means try it, and please let me know if it works!

All you have to do is go to your browser, and find your Bookmarks Toolbar in the Bookmarks menu, right click and select “New Bookmark” in the dropdown menu.  Paste the code below into the URL or Location slot, being sure to use YOUR blog name, not mine, and remove the “[your wordpress blog name here]” part, including the brackets, and the space before the bracket I had to put in so this would post properly.  You’ll probably get an error if you try to add links to someone else’s blog that you’re not signed in to.  You can name the link whatever you want.

Now everyone can share the linky love!

Happy Blogging!

javascript:void(‘http:// [your wordpress blog name here]’+escape(location.href)+’&name=’+escape(document.title),’LinkManager’,’scrollbars=yes,width=750,height=550,left=15,top=15,status=yes,resizable=yes’));linkmanpopup.focus();window.focus();linkmanpopup.focus();

All rights reserved by Vanessence

PS – the pop-up window will not close automatically when you’re finished, you will have to close it manually, just so you know.

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