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Need a challenge for August? Ra has some inspiration!


Years ago, Dave made me a 30-day-challenge because I said I needed one to get me interested in Instagram.  Time went on and I fell into my happy over-use of Instagram any way, but I found his notes last night and thought I’d take up the challenge.

A few expressed interest in doing it alongside me so I’m sharing the list here, as always– the more the merrier.  Tag it #Somethingist so I can find it.  Use these on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, your blog, wherever.  Pick one idea and build it out, or all of them, in order or out.  Let the prompts take you wherever they want to go, as always, there are no rules here.  Myself, I’m going to do them in order and post them to Instagram.

I’d love to see your somethings, wherever or however they be…

1.    Something unfinished
2.    Something unlikely
3.    Something true

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