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Monday In Bloom

A scorcher Sunday!  Man oh man, it’s the kind of oppressive heat that you just don’t stay in for long.  I took my pictures as quickly as I could and came back in.  Several of my pictures were kind of washed out, and my daughter and I think a haze might have developed on the lens, like what happens to your sunglasses when you go from cool air conditioned air to the hot, humid outdoors. 

I had to laugh at the “no rain for 2 hours” thing.  Less than an hour later, we were getting buckets dumped on us.  Which was good for the plants, but it didn’t break the heat any.

ACCU 2016-07-24 Phone

I’m losing more pansies.  I have come to the conclusion that one of the packs I picked up was probably diseased or something, because near as I can recall, all the dead/dying ones are from the same pack.  It just seems like it’s been a much rougher season plant-wise than in years past.  We will marshal on though.  There’s just a couple months left, three at best. 

Overall, things seem okay.  The lilies are fading now, but the things I deadheaded last week are now beginning to bloom again.  The new plants I put in the ground this season seem to be doing well, so that’s a relief. 

07-24-2016 GW12 (5)

This is still my happy pot.  I love the graceful lines of it.

07-24-2016 GW12 (17)

The marigolds are still holing their own, despite being front and center where the sun hits.

07-24-2016 GW12 (21)

The potato vine has some new growth on it this week.  I credit fertilizer.  The sweet alyssum though are still pretty puny.

07-24-2016 GW12 (23)

I’m so glad I put this pot near the door!  It’s so nice to walk outside and see a bright spot of color greeting me.

07-24-2016 GW12 (25)

Pansies in re-bloom.  These pansies are doing great, thankfully!  Which is why I suspect that I got a bad pack with the others.  If something was wrong with the pansies in general, this pot would also be heading south.

07-24-2016 GW12 (27)

Only a few more blooms left on the lilies.  The grounds crew that comes in to cut the grass keeps nipping my lily leaves with their weed-whacker.  I think I may have to stake the lilies next year to keep them from leaning so far forward.  But, the sun!  They are reaching for the sun! 

07-24-2016 GW12 (38)

Such is the state of the garden this week.  How’s yours doing?

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2016 Garden Weekly 12 | Flickr

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16 thoughts on “Monday In Bloom

    1. Oh thank you for that vote of confidence, Andy! I knew pansies were cool weather plants, so I expect some bit of “tired” from them when it’s particularly hot before perking up again as the season winds down, but this kind of die-off is new to me. I’ve not seen it before. The whole garden just feels off to me this year, things don’t seem to be thriving like they did last year. But the dead pansies are troubling.

      What fun that must have been, being a landscaper! Did you design gardens for people and choose plants for them?


  1. Wow everything still looks so beautiful! I love the yellow lilies and I agree with that pop of color at your door! I love pansies and they are really looking perky!! Your garden is such an inspiration, how happy it is!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good old marigolds. They are wonderfully resilient.
    I forgot to water my coleus on Wednesday, and by Thursday evening it was drooping most pitifully. Fortunately I got some water into it before any of the leaves got crunchy. It perked right back up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marigolds really are dependable!

      Oh, your poor coleus! The same thing happened to mine too, and my salvia. It’s this heat! I always imagine I can hear them gasping when I see them like that.

      I’m glad yours perked back up right away too!


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