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My soaps are making their way in the world now.  They’ve left the nest.  I sent them off with our friend who goes downstate to run a ministry, and the next time he goes to the Farmer’s Market down there, he’ll be taking these with him. *fingercrossed*

A lovely pre-fireworks sky.

Independence Day nails, heh.

Playing with the dry ice the grocery delivery guy accidently left in our bag.

The potato vine got a lovely flower on it.

My Amazon package came in.  It was made in Chain.  I’ve never been to Chain, have you?  I hear it’s a hard place to break out from.  But if you put all the right links in your mail, you just might find the weakest spot from which you can break free.  Okay, I’ll stop.

Pizza roses.  I bet if you ask really nice, Tostitos will share their recipe with you.

What a dreamy moon!

I made some little soap decorations to put on the tops of my soap bars!  I used melt and pour soap to make these.  Oh what fun I had that day!

The text alert I got this past Tuesday.  July in Chicagoland.  *sigh*  I know all you TX and AZ friends are rolling your eyes at me and calling me a wimp, but it’s flipping hot!

The text alert I got Thursday.  *drip*

I tried to take a picture of Saturn, Antares, and Mars making a piece of pie, but it got all blurry.  Sky Map helped me out some.

The kids and I, watching the storm.  Yes, I do know that gerunds end in G.  I promise I’ll work on brushing up my diction.  I don’t know when that bad habit started, but dropping G’s was not a thing I used to do.  *embarrassedblush*


Bits and pieces of the last few weeks.  How’ve you been?

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