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Monday In Bloom

It has been one of those weeks.  Lots of days in the 90s, so definitely too hot to really do anything in the garden.  Even today, Sunday as I write this, it was in the mid 80s, with moderate humidity so just on the cusp of being tolerable.  I did manage to go out and get some deadheading done, and I was kind of ruthless about it too.  I realized I lost another pansy.  I also realized that I’ve not been wrong in that suspicion that things aren’t what they should be.  Google photos gave me one of those “this day last year” photos in an email, and last year at this time, my Sweet Alyssum was bigger than the hanging pot that held it.  This year it looks hardly more than it did when I planted it a couple months ago.  Perhaps I need to start fertilizing or something. 

The daisies have departed but I may get another bloom near the end of the season, if this year is anything like last year.  Right now, the lilies are holding court, but it looks like that will only last perhaps another week or so. 

As you can see, it was a warm day.  We had lots of storms in the early morning hours, so things were still on the muggy side even by the time I went out to play in the garden, and still fairly overcast, too.
ACCU 2016-07-17 Phone

No more daisies.  Sad smile  But lilies!  Smile  For a while longer at least, but in the meantime, they are the star. 
07-17-2016 GW11 (5)

Things are still looking a bit lush over in the side patch.  I don’t have any pansies over here.  The salvia, dusty miller, and coleus packing decent pops of color. 
07-17-2016 GW11 (6)

07-17-2016 GW11 (10)

07-17-2016 GW11 (13)

These globe amarynth are just too cute for words!  Bright, bold blobs. 
07-17-2016 GW11 (11)

At least the coleus seem happy!  They’ve been growing well and holding on to their bright colors. 
07-17-2016 GW11 (15)

I think as long as I have this pot, I’m going to put the spikes in it.  The combination just works for me.  *happysigh*
07-17-2016 GW11 (18)

The marigolds are still merry.  These sturdy little guys are growing on me.  I’ve not been a fan of marigolds in my life, but the last couple of years, I’ve grown to appreciate them.
07-17-2016 GW11 (21)

The ivy is finally starting to hang over the post in a noticeable way.  Hopefully I’ll have some nice long legs on it before the season ends. 
07-17-2016 GW11 (24)

That’s how my garden is growing this week.  Not thriving, but doing reasonably well.  How’s yours coming along?

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