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Monday In Bloom

It was a pretty decent day for garden putzing, so putz I did.  I got a lot of deadheading done, but my back decided enough was enough with that insane bending over crap and I didn’t get to the last 2 pots of pansies.  Maybe tomorrow, if the weather isn’t as screaming hot as the apps tell me it will be.

But today, it was nice.  My daughter hung out with me, and I learned that our upstairs neighbor will be moving by the end of the month.  This makes me sad.  They’ve been really good neighbors for the two years they’ve lived here.  Please pray we get new neighbors more like them, and NOT like the neighbors we had before them. 

ACCU 2016-07-10 Phone

Things are still looking pretty good, although the daisies are exiting the stage.  I deadheaded 9,338,643 dead and/or dying blooms off the plant.  Well, okay, maybe not exactly that many, but it sure felt like almost that many blooms! 
07-10-2016 GW10 (5)

The little side patch is filling in pretty nice, too.  It looks pretty lush, and those crazy blue pots that I felt like such a fool for buying seem to be pretty good at catching the eyes of passers-by, lol.  I got them because I needed something fast for the leftover plants I had, but I’m thinking next year the icy Dusty Miller would look really amazing against that bright turquoise.  Or maybe some white Sweet Alyssum.  Too early to plan?
07-10-2016 GW10 (3)

The snapdragons are blooming! 
07-10-2016 GW10 (9)

07-10-2016 GW10 (14)

Even the coleus has flowers on it!  And it’s getting so tall! 
07-10-2016 GW10 (15)

This is the pot I re-did last week.  So now there are five, but it still looks pretty good.  I think the remaining plants are doing okay.  They seem much healthier now since I sprayed them with my concoction. 
07-10-2016 GW10 (19)

The potato vine even has a flower.  I love the color of these.  It’s so delicately pink, and with the purple leaves of the vine, wow.  I’d love to plant some under a Redbud Tree some day.  
07-10-2016 GW10 (23)

See, the daisies are leaving.  Sadness.  I guess they’re making way for the lilies. 
07-10-2016 GW10 (34)

07-10-2016 GW10 (38)

Um, excuse me, Mr Tree?  I see your leaves changing there, and I just wanted to let you know, because clearly you’re not aware, that Autumn isn’t for TWO AND A  HALF MORE MONTHS!  Stop that!  Enjoy the Summer, Mr Tree, and put your reds and golds away for now!
07-10-2016 GW10 (42)

That’s the garden this week!  How’s yours growing?

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