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Happy Independence Day!

Have a wonderful
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Independence Day!

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Monday In Bloom

I’ve been a bit busy in the garden this week.  I got my stuff in to make treatment – an insecticidal / fungal soap solution.  The garden has been doing pretty well, so I’m pretty relieved about that.  I also turned most of my pots so they faced the other way.  Have to sun the buns, you know.  Winking smile  Got a bit of deadheading done, too.  We had a couple of days where the weather was actually really gorgeous.  Imagine that!  Chicagoland!  In July!  Nice weather!  Usually you can’t use all those words in conjunction with one another, so those days were a real treat. 

Sunday it was 73° when I went out to take my pictures.  That’s about 22° for you Celsius-inclined folks.  It was a nice day, pretty comfortable actually, for someone who doesn’t do heat very well. 

The lilies are blooming now, at least one new bloom, sometimes 2 or 3, every day.  The flowers are so big and yellow.  They are making the daisies compete for that top spot.
07-03-2016 GW09 (4)

Clearly the pink polka dot plant likes a bit more sun than it was getting in the other corner.  I will have to make sure to keep the pots alternated every few weeks. 
07-03-2016 GW09 (7)

07-03-2016 GW09 (10)

I am really loving these globe amaranth.  Their color is really bright, and they just seem to keep popping those little globes.  They’re so cute!
07-03-2016 GW09 (12)

Oh how I love the pink and purple salvia combo! 
07-03-2016 GW09 (15)

RIP on the pansy I was trying to hard to save.  The other pansies have been responding really well to the treatment I’ve been giving them, but I just didn’t get all the stuff in time to save the one.  It was just too far gone.  I’ll be re-doing this pot this week.
07-03-2016 GW09 (21)

This plant makes me so happy when I look at it.  I think you can’t be sad when you have a bunch of daisies.  They’re like kittens of the flower world or something.  Is it any surprise that I long for a yellow and white kitchen?  Someday I will have one, and I’ll make a little plaque for it and call it “Vanessa’s Daisy Café.” 
07-03-2016 GW09 (36)

The new lavender is settling in really well.  I’m hoping it will survive the Winter into next year, unlike the ones it’s replacing.  This one is a bit closer to the wall, so maybe it will get a little more protection from the cold. 
07-03-2016 GW09 (37)

The creeping phlox is still creeping along.  It had its bloom time in April, but it really fills in the space with that lovely green in the meantime. 
07-03-2016 GW09 (39)

The veronica really seems to be taking off now, too.  I’ve been treating the new perennials like annuals, with extra watering, until they get a full season in.  I like to give them some extra babying to make sure they’re happy in their new home. 
07-03-2016 GW09 (40)

Can you see all the buds on the lily?!  Every day I’m greeted with a happy lily face, with lots more coming up behind it. 
07-03-2016 GW09 (41)

That’s how the garden is blooming this week!  How’s yours coming along?

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