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Email to Nowhere

Well, I did it.  I switched the email account attached to my WordPress.  I just can’t deal with the headache that losing Windows Live Mail is causing me anymore.  I had no idea that finding a replacement desktop email program would be such a flipping nightmare!  I mean, I still have to have something for my mail, but anything I’m looking at just isn’t going to be easy to work with.  Thanks, Microsoft!  That’s exactly how I didn’t want to spend my Summer vacation!

I liked having Windows Live Mail handle everything.  It meant I didn’t have to be online to go through and respond to comments.  Because that’s a nice touch, blogging through email.  I really like that WP offers that perk.  Now I’ll be doing that through Gmail.  And hey, if I’m on my phone, maybe I can use Google’s voice-to-text feature to respond, lol.  That might be a kick.  Because, you know doggone good and well I can’t type to save my life on a hand-held device of any kind.

I feel like for the last few years, every time I turn around another tech thing is breaking or shutting down.  Oh well.  At least now, I can focus a bit more on catching up with everyone in the blogosphere.  I’ve been so consumed with trying to fix this that I’ve become lax here.  Still have to find a replacement email solution before the end of the month, but I won’t feel the pressure, hopefully.

And I just remembered that I forgot (heh, how’s that for a line?!) to make Challah for tomorrow, so guess what I’m doing!  I can comment while the dough rises.  😀




13 thoughts on “Email to Nowhere

  1. Go and de-stress while you make your Challah Ness. I’m constantly having trouble with emails and tech stuff, updates and things that are supposed to make my life easier but don’t. It drives me insane. 😦

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    1. Easier but don’t – exactly! How did we end up in this position?! It’s funny, I thought as time went on that tech stuff would get better. Remember when that used to be the case? When did that stop? *sigh*


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  2. I’m thinking all software is moving away from actually storing data on the local machine. Everything has to be stored externally, “in the cloud.” (Please pronounce ‘cloud’ in the silliest, highest voice you can muster for maximum effect.) This way, you can always be tracked, always be on the grid, and eventually… controlled. DUM DUM DUMPH!

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  3. At this point I am relying on a couple of apps that I can no longer live without (or at least it would be a HUGE hassle to detangle myself from them), so I deliberately upgraded to the non-free version of each. (LastPass and EverNote.) I am able to pay, and hope that others can too, in order to keep these apps alive and kicking for the forseeable future.

    I hope the challah turned out! And how is your lovely husband? I haven’t seen a new blog post from him in ages.

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    1. I hear you about investing in an app. That can make such a huge difference!

      The challah – frustratingly, the first batch didn’t rise for some reason, so I made another batch this afternoon, and it turned out … well, I’m a proud Gentile. 😀

      My husband, I know, I miss his blogs too! His job has been really stressful lately and there have been a lot of things going on there, not the least of which is management coming down on the use of the Internet during working hours. He gets home so late that by the time the weekend rolls around, all he wants to do is sleep. I will pass along your regards. 🙂 *hugs*


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