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Monday In Bloom

It was a lovely day!  Saturday was a scorcher, and Monday will be also, so I took the opportunity to do some of the work in the garden that I’ve been meaning to get to.  The owie foot and shoulder have made that something I haven’t been looking forward to, so I waited until the weather was a bit more cooperative than my body, at least.  And now my new plants are finally in the ground where they belong.

Not even 70°!  Dreamy!

Look what I found!  As I was walking back from the office, I saw this nest on the sidewalk.  The closest trees were several feet away, so the wind probably blew it.  It must have been empty for a while.
06-12-2016 GW06 (2)

The girl in the office told me that since another unit in our building is empty, they walk this way to show it, and that people always comment on my garden.  She was trying to be sweet and give me what she called “positive feedback.”  It’s a happy kind of pressure.
06-12-2016 GW06 (5)

The new coleus and snapdragons seem to be happy in their new home.
06-12-2016 GW06 (11)

My happy pot.  I filled in an empty space with some new sweet alyssum last week and it seems to be doing well, also.
06-12-2016 GW06 (20)

The burgundy pansies.  I seem to have an insect infestation on some of my pots.  Either aphids or whitefly, I can’t tell, but I do know I’ll be making up a batch of insecticidal soap this week and spraying those buggers!
06-12-2016 GW06 (22)

The white pansies.  They are so cheerful to me.
06-12-2016 GW06 (26)

The new lavender.  I took out the dead and dying ones.  I figured there was so little left on the dying one that it wasn’t worth it to try to save it.
06-12-2016 GW06 (37)

The daisy plant is huge!
06-12-2016 GW06 (38)

And the buds!  Soon!  I think this week!  I’m so excited!
06-12-2016 GW06 (39)

The daylilies are going to bloom soon, too!  Not in time for my birthday like last year, but soon!
06-12-2016 GW06 (44)

The new columbine.  Hopefully it’ll thrive.
06-12-2016 GW06 (45)

As you can see, it was a windy day, so some of my pictures turned out blurry.  Still, it was gorgeous.  Nice temps, low humidity, blue skies, *happysigh*.
06-12-2016 GW06 (47)

That’s how my garden’s growing!  How’s yours coming along?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,
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2016 Garden Weekly 06

2016 Garden Weekly 06

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