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Emerald Shimmer Bamboo

I can’t believe I didn’t post this last week!  I guess gardening, you know.  I thought this time I would try the green mica.  I knew that would be really pale, so I picked the bamboo scent I had to go with it. 

Mixing the white French clay with the green mica.

It turns out like this once you make a slurry with some of the soaping oils.  Looks pretty bold and bright, doesn’t it?  And it would probably stay that way if I was using something like a clear melt and pour soap base. 

But, I’m doing what’s called cold process soaping, which goes through a saponification process because I’m combing oils of my own choosing with a lye-water solution.  That process generates heat, which can impact the pigments you use.  Also, cold process soap is opaque, so things like shimmery micas don’t have any light to reflect, like the clear melt and pour soap bases do.  Still, you can get a nice light shade of soap using a mica.  That can be a good thing, because I don’t think people want to feel like their soap is going to stain their shower stall, lol. 

This is how it looked going into the mold.

And this is how it looked coming out!  It’s so pretty and delicate, with a light bamboo scent. 

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6 thoughts on “Emerald Shimmer Bamboo

    1. Oooh a bamboo candle! Awesome! Imagine taking a candlelit bath with a bamboo candle and bamboo soap!

      Today I made orange soap. I am putting together some sample for a friend of ours to take to a market so I want to have a variety. 🙂 But I got some new colors and I think there’s a pink in there. 🙂

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