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Do You Hold a Grudge?

Hmm, I guess I have to confess that this is pretty much true for me. 

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You Sometimes Hold a Grudge

You aren’t exactly vengeful, but you’re not going to forget when someone wrongs you.
And while you’ll forgive the small things, you don’t hand out too many second chances to people who really screw up.

7 thoughts on “Do You Hold a Grudge?

  1. Sounds like me too 😀 But I am telling you there is a very forgiving and patient man in my house who keeps telling that we should be ourselves and just because people behave badly doesn mean that we should stoop down to their level :\ Now, I resisted him for a good old 3-4 years. But recently I have understood that holding a grudge is more of a pain for ourselves and while it might take away our peace of mind we don gain anything out of it. Sigh, I am so not liking this forgiving and saintly me 😛 So occasionally I do let off some steam 😉


    1. That forgiving and patient man is right – there is no reason we need to stoop down to someone else’s level.

      At the same time, if the bad behavior is normal, then it might be best to just end that relationship. That’s not holding a grudge or being mad, it’s just knowing that you deserve to be treated with respect.

      People have bad days, yes, and we should do our best to be compassionate, but we should never tolerate abusive relationships.

      I think saintly you is still pretty fun and cute, even when you do let off steam! lol 🙂 *hugs*

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