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Monday In Bloom

Things seem to be going pretty well at the end of Week 2!  We had a near miss with freezing temperatures on Saturday night, I almost had to pull all my pots onto the patio, but we only got down to 33° so everything was okay.  Whew!  This is why the official “planting date” in Northern Illinois is May 15th.  But who can wait that long?  I’d have lost two full weeks if I’d waited that long! 
05-15-2016 GW02 (3)

There does seem to be a couple of plants that are broken off at the base though.  I don’t know how that happened.  I’m not sure if their roots will make it without some leaves to get sunlight from.  05-15-2016 GW02 (14)

Now that some are blooming, I can see I need to do a bit of switching on the colors.  There’s a purple among the burgundy, and a burgundy in the purple.  Trade time!
05-15-2016 GW02 (16)

It still feels like there’s some settling in that has to happen, I’m not sure why.  There aren’t any more plants to plant, now it’s just grow time.  Maybe I’ll feel more sure about it once I get those few stray plants re-grouped. 

That’s how my garden is growing this week.  How’s yours coming along?

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You can click the link or the picture below if you’d like to see thumbnails or a slideshow of all the plants. 

2016 Garden Weekly 02 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

2016 Garden Weekly 02//

23 thoughts on “Monday In Bloom

  1. Cute corner bed!! I love all the different height you have for your planters. Feeling inspired to finish mulching the front flower beds at MY house. (Still waiting to plant the annuals until the temps climb back up. Silly weather!) 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Juli!

      I saw your snow, goodness! Yes, best to wait – I was out at 4am the other night checking on mine when we had a freeze warning. Thankfully we only (only?!) got down to 33, so they made it through. Still, practically freezing in May! Go away Winter!

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    1. Well, you have a point. But, it’s not my real estate, it’s the management company’s. And I promised to plant pretty, since they were gracious in allowing me to dig up the other “decorative” stuff they had there before.

      If we ever get another house, I promise I’ll plant tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes in your honor. 🙂 I’ll call that row, “The VIGSF for WIGSF” (‘The V’ stands for ‘The Vegetables’ and you obviously know the rest. 😀


    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Marie! I’m honored! And flattered, goodness what nice things you say! Thank you. 🙂

      Ewonderhub – that’s a new one to me! I can’t wait to check it out!

      Thank you hon! *hugs*

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  2. Looking good! Don’t give up on those roots just yet. Plants can be surprisingly tough.

    My garden is happy. My African violet is blooming furiously, and I just re-potted a coleus that didn’t have enough room to thrive. Most of my plants are adopted from Bubbe (people always gave her plants as gifts, so she ended up with more than she could handle) so of course I treat them with extra loving care.

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    1. I am remaining hopeful! Maybe they’ll decide to shoot up after they’ve had a few more weeks of soaking up nutrients in the soil.

      Bubbe plants! Oh how awesome! What a wonderful living way to keep her close! ❤


    1. No one else would talk about Bubbe and African violets in the same comment. Of course it was you, sweet Spark! *hugs*

      But thanks for clarifying, just in case. 😀

      I hope all is well, and that you’re enjoying an extra day off!


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