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The Bus Accident

A tour bus carrying Yankees to south Florida runs off the road, flips onto it’s side and crashes into a guard rail. 

A southern road crew witnesses the accident and commences digging holes to bury the victims.

An hour or so later a local sheriff arrives to investigate the crash and finds nothing but a wrecked bus.  The sheriff goes over to the foreman of the road crew and asks if he saw the accident. 

“Yes,” the foreman replies. 

“Do you know where the victims are?” says the sheriff.

“We buried them,” replies the foreman. 

“Were they all dead?” asks the sheriff.

The foreman replied, “Well some of them said they were still alive but you know how them Yankees lie.”


Ha!  I’m sure my Southern friends will get a kick out of this one! 

Happy weekend! Don’t forget, next week is the Derby!

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