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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter V

Word of the Day: Versus 

It’s a word that conjures up combatants, especially if you’ve ever gone through any kind of legal situation.  It doesn’t have to.  We don’t have to think of it in a legal sense.  I like to try to think of it in a contrasting sense.  It’s the vertical line in a column, with points on ether side, summing up the differences of a thing.  It doesn’t have to mean that one thing is good and the other is not.  It could often simply mean a preference. 

Kindle versus Paper books.

Sweetener versus Sugar.

Homemade versus Commercially made.

Apartment versus House

Chocolate versus Vanilla

Sun versus Moon.

I’m not talking about objective truths here, like, if you jump out of a plane at 30k feet without a parachute, you will die when you hit the ground, if not before.  There’s no “versus” with that one.  But there is a Plane travel versus Train travel.  And perhaps being 30k feet in the air might make it onto one of your pro versus con columns. 

As for me, I’ve been comparing sleeping in bed versus sleeping at my desk.  Not on purpose.  But, I do have a definitive preference.  Bed wins!  Keyboard prints on the face are more of a con for me.  Sorry desk!


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13 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter V

  1. I love this. Comparisons don’t have to mean that one thing is better…it is just more preferred. Except for the keyboard face thing…the bed is definitely best.

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    1. Thanks hon!

      Proper sleep – hmm, it was probably proper, but certainly not enough! At this point in my life I seriously wonder if there even is such a thing as enough sleep. 😉 I secretly long to curl up in your little hidey-hole cave where no one can find me and sleep for months.


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