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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter T

Word of the Day: Through 

Can you believe we’re 3/4 of the way through the challenge?  Just one more week!  It’s gone by so quickly!  For the most part.  Other days have seemed difficult to get through. 

Getting through my wine last night was not difficult, ha!  I got through the walk, too, and my knee isn’t protesting too loudly today.  I even managed to get some pictures of that awesome Passover moon.  0422162141a

I wish there wasn’t a “through” on the weekend, though.  I wish weekends could last forever, or that every day was a weekend day.  Weekends are too short, and we go through them too quickly. 

I’ve started going through all that tallow I have, making soap, and soon balms.  A friend of ours believes he can sell my soaps and balms at a farmer’s market type thing he goes to periodically. 

For the last hour I have been going through my place, looking for some nail polish I seem to have misplaced.  How do half a dozen bottles of fingernail polish run away?  I guess it’s a spin on “let your fingers do the walking.” 

I guess I’m off to go look again, because you know if you don’t see something the first time, it will somehow magically appear the second time.  Or third.  *eyeroll*

Have a great weekend!


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Blueberry Pancake Soap

I got some lovely peacock mica in the sample pigment package I got, and I thought it would go nicely with the Blueberry Pancake Fragrance Oil I have.  I added in some French White clay to make the soap more luxurious.


As you can see, micas don’t work super well in cold process soaps, like they do in melt and pour clear soap base.  Mica has shimmers in it that work best in the transparent bases, but cold process soap is opaque and naturally ivory colored.  Oxides actually work better for coloring cold process soaps.  The sample package I got had bits of both micas and oxides so I thought I’d play.


As you can see, the color lightened up considerably and has a slight blue-green tint to it, as a result of the natural ivory color.


Still, it’s actually pretty close to what I was expecting, and I rather like the color.  Next time I use this color though, I think I’ll go with a more watery type of scent, like rain or ocean or something like that, and I plan on getting some more colors also, including some blues that might work better with Blueberry Pancake fragrance.


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The Spring Test

Okay, guilty as charged.  I do daydream a lot.  They say that like it’s a bad thing.

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You Are Dreamy
There is a lot going on in that imagination of yours, and you would be content to daydream all day if you could.
You find it easy to transport yourself to another place – the past, the future, or a whole new world.

You experience spring a bit more intensely than most people. Every color, sound, smell, and feeling is heightened.
You think there is nothing better than waking up to a perfect spring morning. And if you don’t have one, you’ll just dream one up.