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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter R

Word of the Day: Regarding

It was raining last night, and I thought, oh, that’s an R word!  I thought I could do a post regarding rain.  The air had that wonderful scent that captivates me.  It was late though, and I ended up shutting down my computer and going to bed before I could get my post done.

Then, this morning, morning stuff, homeschool, you know?  Grocery delivery, some housework, and then I got an email from my husband regarding Prince’s death.

I’m dumbfounded.

I guess I’m doing a post regarding Purple Rain, not ordinary rain.

I had the Purple Rain album and saw the movie, multiple times.  I was going through some stuff in my life at the time that movie came out, and silly as it may sound, it touched me in a lot of ways.  I no longer have the album, but I may just have to get the CD now. 

I’m kind of sad regarding Prince.  He was a talented guy, and he made me laugh – probably for the wrong reasons but I thought he was amusing. 

I’m sure somewhere, right now, it’s raining purple, and doves are crying. 


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