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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter Q

Word of the Day: Quite 

Alas, another letter for which there is no preposition.  But, there is an interjection!  Quite!

I use it, maybe not a lot, but I do use it, and I’m not even British! 

It may be related to the fact that I also say, “Quit it!” instead of “Stop it!”  I don’t know, I’m guessing, but it kind of makes sense, both beginning with Q, and all. 

We are quickly coming to the end of this challenge – just 1/3 of the way left! 

Did you know I’ve lived through earthquakes?  Small ones, sure, but when the ground is quaking, you don’t stop to ask if it’s the big one, you just assume it’s going to be, until it’s over.

I’ve quit jobs.  I once lived in a quadplex.  I’ve often said I should be Queen.  More than once people have described me as quirky, as well as quiet.  But, I’ve never eaten quinoa. 

I like Q’s, and words that begin with Q.  Quite a lot, actually. 

Are you quite finished?



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