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National Poetry Month – Poets I Know

Poets, assemble! 🙂

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As many of you know in honor of National Poetry Month (April) I have been posting a daily spotlight on a particular poet. I would very much like to end the month on April 30th by posting a “National Poetry Month Spotlight – Poets I Know”.

In order to do this of course I need willing participants which I am  hereby begging for.  (smiley face). I know many wonderful poets out there so I am hoping you will send me one or as many as you want of your favorite poems to spotlight on this last day of poetry month. 

You can send them to me via Messenger on Facebook if you like or you can send them direct to my e-mail address which is  Please have them to me by the end of the day on the 28th. 

Oh, and please, please pass the word as this post…

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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter N

Word of the Day: Near

Near apoplexy, that’s how I feel.  The lady at the company I ordered a product from hung up on me when I told her I wanted to cancel the automatic billing account I never agreed to.  I don’t do well with “talk to the hand.”  She wouldn’t even let me speak!  Kept up her monologue and then hung up!  If she’d been physically near me … well those are consequences I don’t want to think about!  Grrr!  Now I’ll have to call the bank and get the charges reversed through them.

And then the oven died.  Well, near death.  The stove works, but the oven igniter stopped.  So my roast has to be cooked on the stovetop.  It’s too near dinnertime for us to be able to eat it today.

My husband says this is as near to being wound up as he’s seen me in years.

The poor maintenance guy, he was here when I was on the phone with that company.  I was in the bedroom with the door closed and when I came out my husband said, “V– is here.”  Of course, I couldn’t see him because he was on the floor in the kitchen so I thought my husband meant that V– had gone to get a part or something, so there I was ranting and then V– stood up and said, “Woooeee, don’t be mad at me, please!, but your oven igniter is broken.”  I hugged him.  “Never mad at you, V–!  You’re my #1 dependable go-to guy!”  He’s never seen me that near fury either, even though he’s been here to fix broken things, like water heaters and sink faucets with water spewing everywhere.

I do not like being upset.  I don’t like being anywhere near upset.  Upset and I don’t do well together.

Well, it’s very near dinner now and we need to figure out where and what we’re going to eat.  Hopefully soon I’ll be near enough to calm that the food won’t upset my stomach.  Does that happen to you?  Does intense emotion mess with your stomach?  I hate that.

Inner peace.  I need some.  Maybe I’ll find it near.

UPDATE:  Just going through my email, close to midnight now, and found an email from this company, timed shortly after my “conversation” with them.  It states: “This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.”  Thank. You. Lord!

And thank you everyone, for your support, you’ve been so sweet in the comments!  *hugs*


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The Cherry Blossom Test

*relievedsigh*  Oh yes, yes!  I mean, not that I’m a perfectionist or anything, sheesh, anyone could look at my house and see that I’m not, at least when it comes to housekeeping.  But that whole logic thing, yeah, I love that.  Just ask my friend, Spock.

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You Are Logical
You are a very rational and cool-headed person. People are often surprised by your reaction to the world.
You are a big fan of order, and no one organizes chaos better than you do. You know how to make sense of madness.

Although you are quite unemotional, you are a very happy and content person. You know how to neutralize strong feelings.
You are both creative and a perfectionist. You get great satisfaction out of a job done right.